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Discover legal technology.

In-House Technology Hub

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Free, Open and Tailored to In-House Professionals:

Discover leading legal technology solution providers in the new ACC Partner Directory and Marketplace with personalized recommendations based on your current technology stack, location and focus – such as by industry, role or practice group.

Join the Tech Hub to find exclusive deals and test drives from participating partners. 


In-House Member StackShare

Join the ACC legal technology Stack Share for peer insights on who uses what tools.
Peer-led insights on technology use and adoption. Trusted reviews. Browse by company.

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Join us on Theorem to help in-house members get the information they need to quickly understand and vet your company, products and solutions.

Your own dedicated Interface.

Tools to share your story. Earn badges and a highlighted position with our shared assessments and profile upgrades.

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Law firms

For Law Firm & Legal Service Providers

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A Dedicated Directory

Be where your clients are through your own dedicated directory with tailored profiles.

For the first time, you can create and promote your company, products and services in a single place.


Showcase your technology and earn a highlighted position with profile upgrades. Stack up against your competitors and win Awards.


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